So we have a community here and I have two questions for you. Which makes me ask two questions: What do you want to read about? How to plan for retirement? How to start investing? How to deal with what the …
but we can mitigate some of it.
Canadian edition.
Too often home ownership is pushed without thinking holistically about our money
There are days when I don't want to think about my money. Or don't want to think at all.
For some reason, I now have more jeans during the pandemic
If you're like me and don't want to do them yourself because you don't want to.
Plus no dude, living rent-free in your grandpa's summer home isn't making it on your own. Shut up.
So this year let's learn more about it.
And some financial planning.
So I end up tricking my brain into not spending. I know it's the right thing but I hate it.
It should come with a good story.